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Evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling

Pure water has the amazing ability to extract heat from the air when it evaporates. This method of cooling has been in use for centuries. DryMist™ Technology has taken evaporative cooling a step further by increasing the waters ability to evaporate. This state of the art technology disperses water into billions of micron sized droplets which quadruples the surface area exposed to the air. Droplets of this size (10µ) Flash-Evaporate. Better evaporation equals better cooling. DryMist™ is simple concept when correctly applied often yields dramatic results!

Residential misting

Most people enjoy being outdoors, socializing by the pool, eating on the deck or tending to the garden. Often high heat can make it unbearable to be outside. DryMist™ evaporative cooling is the perfect solution for those hot summer days. Install static lines around the perimeter of areas to be cooled, line the inside of the pool or attach outdoor cooling lines to the fascia of patios and awnings. Strategically locate DryMist™ nozzles through plants and vegetation to create stunning cooling effect and see how your plants flourish with the added moisture. The FrostFan™ is a suitable addition to increase the mist cooling effect for semi-enclosed areas of 20m² to 70m².

Commercial mist cooling

Any commercial establishment whether large or small would like to create a pleasant environment for their patrons to visit. It is a much discussed topic on how to make patrons happy and keep them interested for longer. Air-conditioning is an absolute must for any indoor area. Air-conditioning has high electricity demands which can be costly. Evaporative PreCooling with DryMist™ can significantly reduce these costs. But what about those outdoor areas? Open areas where the sun beats down relentlessly and where people congregate in queues, walkways or seating areas? DryMist™ evaporative cooling will attract and keep patrons longer. A nice cool refreshing outdoor environment is just the thing to make them happy and keep them coming back for more!

Industrial evaporative cooling

Heat Stress can adversely affect employees' health and noticeably reduce productivity. Traditional methods previously used for the cooling of employees were often costly and difficult to implement. DryMist™ Technology presents a viable and cost effective solution for small (70m²), medium (500m²- 5000m²) to extra large spaces of 10'000m² or more.
Evaporative cooling
using DryMist™ is cost effective to install, low on maintenance and has low operational costs. Static lines overhead or potent DryMist™ BoxFans work wonders here. Older buildings where cooling was often low on the priority list can now be cooled effectively and efficiently. Systems can be fitted with little interruption to production processes. DryMist™ Technology can also be incorporated into the design of new buildings.

Industrial process cooling
can be done very effectively with DryMist™. Injection molding and roto-moulding is a good example where heat needs to be removed for optimum results. Increased cooling can speed up the process and generate more profits. DryMist™ evaporative cooling systems are available in many forms or configurations and can be integrated with electronic control systems already in place.

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Effectively cool areas by 10°C
Affordable cooling for large spaces
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