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Green Sense – Company Profile

Green Sense Environment Solutions LLC is a leading green technology power house specializing in the field of sustainability. Green Sense distributes an impressive portfolio of products and technologies capable of solving many of the challenges the world faces today. Operating from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Green Sense is ideally located to serve all the markets in and around the Middle East. By means of targeted research and in-depth analysis of experience gained in the industry, key focus areas were identified where significant improvements can be made.

Green Sense provides unique solutions for the following challenges:
  • Evaporative cooling and humidification
  • Energy reduction and renewable energy technologies
  • Dust control – airborne and surface roads
  • Waste water treatment – compact decentralized sewage treatment plants (packaged)

Green Sense has substantial in-house experience. To compliment this experience close ties are maintained with many expert institutions and individuals across multiple disciplines. These strong ties enable Green Sense to draw on resources and expertise as and when the situation demands. In order to ensure a steady supply of cutting edge solutions, Green Sense maintains a strong product development and procurement program. At Green Sense we always rise to the challenge of finding new solutions to illusive problems.

We believe the Middle East is at the forefront of green technologies and sustainable development. No time or place has had so much urgency and intent thrown behind initiatives to transform society on such a large scale. Every day, every newspaper and magazine, has something to say about going "Green". Sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. With so many initiatives starting every day, Green Sense strives to be a front runner in the race towards sustainability. Green Sense introduces its products to the market via multiple channels, either directly to the end user or through key distributors. It is a primary objective for Green Sense to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with all its clients, be it end user or distributor, private or public entity. In a world where sustainability is an achievable goal, Green Sense is the catalyst that will take you there.

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