Maintain RH in large spaces
Retro-fit systems to most locations
Systems are fully automated
Reduce product defects
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DryMist™ products can provide a unique humidification system that is cost effective and easy to install. Various levels of automation are achievable and systems can be integrated with existing control systems.

Commercial humidification

Air-conditioning systems can remove significant amounts of moisture from the air. This creates a fairly low percentage Relative Humidity (RH) which is often noted by dry lips and the sensation of breathing dry air. These situations can be rectified by re-introducing moisture into the air using DryMist™. The ideal RH level that is most comfortable and pleasant to breathe is 55% RH. Systems can be designed to be either In-Room or In-Duct. The In-Room system design will typically involve a certain amount of DryMist™ nozzles with stainless steel feed line strategically located inside the space. Systems can humidify one or multiple rooms at the same time. A humidity probe will constantly monitor the RH level inside the space and relay the signals to the RH controller on the pump station. When the RH drops below the required level the system will start-up automatically to humidify the air. In-Duct system design will typically involve the installation of stainless steel DryMist™ nozzle racks inside the supply air ducts of the air-conditioning system. This may be in a single duct or multiple ducts. The system is automatically controlled by a humidity probe inside the space.

Industrial humidification

DryMist™ humidification systems have a multitude of uses when it comes to industry. Controlling humidity levels can provide a significant improvement to the overall operation. By specifically setting and maintaining humidity, temperature, and air exchange standards for the operation, overall profitability is enhanced. For these specific situations, DryMist™ systems are the ideal solution. One of the keys to improving the operation and the quality of the products produced is to properly maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). Maintaining a stable EMC will minimize moisture content changes during production. Consult with Green Sense Environment Solutions LLC for a customized solution to your humidity requirements.

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