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Dust Control

Dust Control

Dust suppression

Airborne dust particles can be difficult to remove due to the fact that they are so small in size (2 to 10 microns). These particles drift everywhere and can be a significant health hazard. Engineers often look to control the problem by spraying a fine water mist to capture these dust particles. This is the correct approach however not always that successful. This is due to the fact that large droplets (80 to 100 microns) will travel through the air and collide with very a few particles on the way. The air-stream present around the much larger droplet deflects the dust particle outwards and away, thus avoiding collision. To capture a dust particle in the best possible manner it is required that the water droplets be the same size and weight as the dust particles themselves. If you want to capture 1 million dust particles it would be best to produce 1 million water droplets of the same size to capture them. DryMist™ systems produce micro droplets between 2 microns and 20 microns capable of capturing dust particles through the process of agglomeration.

Industrial dust suppression

Until recently, dust suppression has involved expensive equipment and complicated systems such as extraction fans, bag houses and electrostatic precipitators. Magic Mist (Green Sense Technology Partner) introduced the use of advanced high-pressure water fog systems, better known as DryMist™ Dust Suppression Technology. Advanced product development has been essential in helping clients achieve successful dust suppression. Magic Mist™ proven technology generates 10-micron water droplets which attract and suppress breathable and smaller dust particles. Billions of micron sized droplets lower the level of breathable dust through the principle of agglomeration. This low-moisture-addition technology stops the dust at source. DryMist™ does not leave any significant residual moisture. The systems are designed and engineered specifically for each application, taking into account the type of dust and the processes that produce it. Systems include automated controls that can be linked with existing “BMS” (building management system). Many peripherals can be incorporated into the system to achieve successful integration in the production processes.

Air-borne dust particles (spraying, coating, sanding, grinding, cutting, blasting) produced by the processing, production, transfer or movement of materials can be a serious problem. Fugitive dust particles adversely affect workforce health, machinery efficiency and can interfere with production quality. Dust pollution is a waste of man-hours on cleanup and poses tricky problems when dealing with neighboring companies or businesses negatively affected by it. Occupational Health and Safety regulations already legislated are being enforced increasingly more often and employers would be well advised to comply as soon as possible.

How is it done?

  • Install overhead static lines to create a DryMist™ blanket capturing the dust particles.
  • Install DryMist™ fans in geographically complex spaces.
  • Line the perimeter of problem areas.
  • Install in and around equipment.
  • Install over doors and openings to stop drift.
  • DryMist™ curtains can stop particulate matter drift between glazing, coating, and spraying sections.

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Dust control applications
Quarries and rock crushing
Ore conveyor systems
Stock piles
Conveyor belt drop points
Recycling plants
Vehicle loading areas
Conveyor Drop Points
Construction & land development
Feed handling 
Recycling facilities
Spray painting
Recycling facilities
Fiberglass manufacturers
Slag works
Notable clients include:

Cullinan Industrial Porcelain
Anglo Base Metals Black Mountain
Apollo Bricks
Danline Spa Baths
Beekman Canopies
Apollo Bricks
Sasol Omnia Fertilizer Plant
Vesuvius SA

Ensure a safer breathing environment
Save money on dust masks and cleaning equipment
Less wear and tear on equipment.
Low running costs
Save man-hours on cleanup
Prevent poor sight or dust irritations
Increase production
Stop your dust pollution
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